About Capital Investment

Capital Investment is headquartered in Copenhagen’s elegant Frederiksstaden, an area highly indicative of the exquisite property potential in the Danish capital. The London office is located centrally in St James’s.

The company is owned and run by the long-standing duo Jesper Damborg and Claus Klostermann, known from their partnership within several leading Danish investment firms including Saxo Properties.

“With Capital Investment, we deliver a comprehensive property investment management package, handling the entire investment process from beginning to end on behalf of our international clients,” says Jesper Damborg. Claus Klostermann continues: “From supervision and research to due diligence, development and management, we handle the investment until our client is ready to exit. Our goal is to provide the platform that enables international clients to invest immediately, retaining the highest possible expertise, but without having to establish a Danish beachhead.”

Capital Investment manages some of Copenhagen’s most sought after commercial properties on behalf of strong investors from all over the world. The capital’s dynamic development in terms of a strong demographic increase, an attractive borrowing capacity and increasing tourism puts Copenhagen’s covetable properties at a premium.

“Our aim is to become the preferred Danish partner for international investors looking to invest in high-end residential and commercial properties,” the partners agree. “With a comprehensive service portfolio for investment ready clients, we offer a unique product in the Danish property market.”

Copenhagen now

Denmark’s capital is currently seeing a substantial boost in both economy and demographic growth. Placed highest on lifestyle magazine Monocle’s list of “the world’s most livable cities” and lowest on the world’s corruption list, Copenhagen is an inevitable location for investors looking for attractive and safe investment opportunities.

Copenhagen stats

  • Demographic growth rate: 1000 ppl/mth.
  • Estimated growth increase by 2025: 18%

Our Investment Area

Capital Investment has extensive experience in the purchase and development of retail properties, primarily from properties on Copenhagen’s high end shopping section of Strøget as well as shopping centres around Denmark. Over the past two years we have managed investments on Strøget worth more than €300M within both core and value-add.
Copenhagen is seeing a solid demographic growth with an estimated population increase of 30% by 2040. The growth rate has created a substantial property development potential both with regards to new constructions and entire area conversions as well as upward adjustments on and modern upgrades to the existing property mass. Over the past three years, we have managed investments on behalf of international investors in both new constructions and existing properties worth more than €200M.
The business property market in Copenhagen has in the last few years been at a stand still with a marked trend of conversions of office buildings to residential properties. A trend that may continue for some years to come. We have in this period only managed a few transactions within the office segment, primarily as part of retail investments. We do, however, expect the trend to turn once the demographic growth manifests itself into an increased and tangible business property need.
Our approach to investment is a rigidly structured process. We work primarily with properties that are off market and where we can obtain exclusivity. Our long-standing experience as a team has provided solid experience in managing a wide range of transactions – from the fast and simple to the longer, more complicated processes.

Prior to the due diligence phase, we create a business case on the basis of a variety of scenarios in accordance with our experience, aimed to provide our investing client with a satisfactory IRR. If the investment is considered sound, we initiate the final due dilligence in order to verify the assumptions made in our original business plan.

In parallel, we work on the financing aspect, so that we can deliver a comprehensive investment memorandum describing all aspects of the investment, including the optimal financing solution. This memorandum doubles as a basis of evaluation of Capital Investment A/S.

Upon agreement, Capital Investment then manages the entire investment process from purchase over management to final exit. This includes ongoing reporting to the investor as well as any meetings necessary. As a result of our comprehensive investment services, we act as very close business partners to our international clients and it is our primary goal to ensure investors the best possible return on investment.

Who is Capital Investment?

Jesper Damborg,
PartnerMay 16, 2014

Jesper's solid experience from the financial industry counts 15 years within property investment in which time he has handled transactions in the Nordic region worth over €4B.

Jesper has worked in close partnership with Claus Klostermann for the last 13 years and is in charge of investor relations, financial administration and media relations.

Claus Klostermann,
PartnerMay 16, 2014

Claus' solid experience from the financial industry counts 15 years within property investment in which time he has handled transactions in the Nordic region worth over €4B.

Claus has worked in close partnership with Jesper Damborg for the last 13 years and is in charge of property investment, asset management and development.