About Capital Investment

Capital Investment is headquartered in Copenhagen K, an area highly indicative of the exquisite property potential in the Danish capital.

The company is founded by Jesper Damborg and Claus Klostermann. The company was sold in October 2021 to Storebrand Asset Management from Norway. Jesper and Claus is still the management of the company and a part of the management group in Storebrand Asset Management Real Estate.

“With Capital Investment, we deliver a comprehensive property investment management package, handling the entire investment process from beginning to end on behalf of our international clients,” says Jesper Damborg. Claus Klostermann continues: “From supervision and research to due diligence, development and management, we handle the investment until our client is ready to exit. Our goal is to provide the platform that enables international clients to invest immediately, retaining the highest possible expertise, but without having to establish a Danish office.”

“Our aim is to become the preferred Danish partner for international investors looking to invest in high-end residential and commercial properties,” the partners agree. “With a comprehensive service portfolio for investment ready clients, we offer a unique product in the Danish property market.”

Copenhagen now

Denmark’s capital is currently seeing a substantial boost in both economy and demographic growth. Placed highest on lifestyle magazine Monocle’s list of “the world’s most livable cities” and lowest on the world’s corruption list, Copenhagen is an inevitable location for investors looking for attractive and safe investment opportunities.

Copenhagen stats

  • Demographic growth rate: 1000 ppl/mth.
  • Estimated growth increase by 2025: 18%